Teamwork makes the dream work
Teamwork makes the dream work

TekFuze was established in July of 2011 by an international and experienced team of engineers. We operate in the field of embedded electronics design and manufacturing.

TekFuze's facilities are situated in Prishtina, which is one of the fastest growing cities in the region. It is home to the youngest population in Europe. Local authorities and international organizations are continually putting substantial effort in the education and qualification of its dynamic and ambitious new generations.

The ever improving infrastructure and low labor cost make products and services produced here very competetive.

We are passionate and dedicated in supporting our customers in reducing their time to market by helping them design embedded control systems with our innovative and proven Modular Configurable Architecture (MCA) approach. Using MCA enables faster, more cost-effective, and better quality designs than conventional design methodologies.


Our values serve as a compass for our actions and behavior:

•     Full commitment to our customers

•     No compromise in attitude, skills, and integrity

•     Social and environmental responsibility

•     Quality - What we do, we do well


TekFuze capabilities include:

•     In-house electronic design, PCB layout, and complete product design

•     Embedded firmware and software development

•     Surface mount assembly on our automated line

•     High-level assembly at very competitive labor rates


Quality System

Quality is paramount in our products and our service offerings. To ensure superior quality, TekFuze is currently implementing a quality system which will offer full compliance with ISO9001 standards. We utilize Lean manufacturing principles to optimize production efficiency and 6-sigma methodologies to reduce product and process variability and to continually improve quality. 



At TekFuze, our greatest asset is our team. Our staff includes 16 engineers engaged in design, development, manufacturing, and quality functions. All of our engineering staff has received extensive training in embedded systems development, and continue to receive training in their respective fields.