At TekFuze, LLC we design and manufacture embedded control systems based on our innovative Modular Configurable Architecture (MCA) approach, supporting customers to substantially reduce development time and cost. MCA is a new approach to designing and manufacturing embedded control systems based on a wide range of ready-to-use modules called FuzeBlocks. 

FuzeBlocks system includes modules, mainboards, enclosures, user controls and software. All parts of the system are modular thus enabling mass customization. Designed for reliability even in harsh conditions, FuzeBlocks systems are built using the latest production technologies and processes, incorporating only high quality components that are always subject to strict-scrutiny inspection and testing. Fuzeblocks eliminate the need for hardware development and via re-configurable hardware logic and ready-made software libraries, FuzeBlocks reduce time to market and allow for nearly 50% cost and time savings in development.




                Custom-Design:                                      MCA with FuzeBlocks® 

Development time: Typically up to 12 months       Development time: Several weeks