Electric and Biomass Boiler Controller

The TekFuze Boiler Controller (TF-SB-BC01-1.0) offers the best solution for controlling heating systems; it provides convenience, security and efficiency in levels unseen before in lower-cost electric and biomass boilers. The Tekfuze Boiler Control solution measures water temperature and pressure each second with high accuracy; it responds to changes in temperature and pressure to ensure that they stay within safety limits as excessive heat can result in overpressure and system failure. 

The TekFuze Boiler Controller does not only measure water temperature; it can measure room temperature as well (optional). It is able to maintain rooms at constant temperatures, regardless of outdoor or adjacent flat temperatures, etc., thus allowing for additional energy savings as the boiler will only be utilized when needed to maintain room temperature. This Electric and Biomass Boiler Controller is microprocessor-based and has an LCD user interface; hence, more advanced control features are possible such as different time zones for heating, as well as daytime and nighttime settings.

When equipped with the optional GPRS communications module, users can have remote control of their heating system whether at home or far away, by just using their cell-phone or computer. This module allows the user to keep track of the system’s status and also allows the user to modify temperature settings so that the temperature is always according to the user’s desire and needs.

High accuracy temperature and pressure measurements
Low Power Consumption GPRS capability (Optional)
Low Cost\High Efficiency Real Time Clock (Optional)
Aesthetic Interface Increase Boiler efficiency (Power Saving)
Electrical Specifications and Characteristics - Absolute Maximums:
Maximum Operating Voltage +30V Current at Output Pins 30mA
Voltage on Pins +5V Storage Temperature C
Current at Input Pins 30mA Operating Temperature C