TekFuze, LLC is delighted to announce that we have added a Service Department to our company!

While our Core Business is designing, developing and manufacturing embedded control modules, this Service Department will be focused on satisfying the demands of a narrow and specific niche – the machinery-driven industries of Kosova.  The main function of this service department will be to provide professional support for various industrial machinery and electronic hardware.

In many occasions, machine-driven industries in Kosova and in neighboring countries have had to halt production and/or services due to machinery problems. Until now, these malfunctions have often resulted in inevitable loss of profit and efficiency as in most cases, these machines remained inoperable for days and weeks at a time, as service support was sought in foreign countries where servicing companies usually surcharge for services rendered abroad such as in Kosova, Macedonia, Serbia, etc.

Through a highly-trained crew of engineers, TekFuze, LLC will be able to provide a wide range of services and solutions for a various number of regional industries. Our Service Department will enable regional industries to take advantage of world-class services and professional Engineering staff, thus being able to quickly overcome their technical hurdles with significant reductions in repair time and cost.  

The TekFuze, LLC Service Department services will mainly consist of:

  • • Repair and Maintenance of Machinery
  • • Automation Services
  • • Product Design and Fulfillment 

It is our pleasure to provide these essential services and solutions to our partners and clients in a timely manner, with the same quality of services that you have come to expect from us!